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We take the pressure off

As an entrepreneur, time is scarce, and bureaucracy wastes this precious resource. Instead of dealing with accounting, expense reports and other administrative matters, you can instead take care of your customers, and develop your business further.

Reducing your time to the necessary essentials

Business and the world is becoming more and more complicated everyday – regulations, tax- and special cases are become larger and more complex. As a result of this, we provide you optimal solutions, to make everything much simpler again. Simply upload all invoices, receipts and expenses to the server and that’s it! We do the rest, whilst also producing understandable and informative reports.


All accounting information will be updated and be available online within 24 hours. You need not worry about any deadlines for submission, filing or preparation of audits. We keep a comprehensive schedule for your organisation so that you never miss a deadline, statutory or otherwise.

Expert Consulting

Do you need accounting and support on issues as they relate to business financing including business plans, taxes or public administration? No problem: we will assist you in a professional and timely manner. What makes us different from a traditional trustee is the price!


This allows you to keep your organisation lean providing you the luxury of time to focus solely on the needs of your business.
Paying a high price for a traditional trustee, purchasing expensive software, or educating your staff on systems all costs time and money. If you are looking for an individual consultant and still want to benefit from reasonable prices then we are the perfect partner for you. Our hourly rates are unmatched anywhere within the industry.
Our industry expertise and experience prove that we will lower your current overall administrative cost s by a significant percentage.

Our Procedure

1. Share your documents

You transmit your vouchers to us in any format convenient to you,  this can include mail, direct email, email forwarding, what’s app or  any other format that is relevant to you and it is then simply uploaded to the server. 

2. Recording

Based on the documents, we sort, label and record your business transactions, update your interim financial statements within 24 hours and observe relevant payment and reporting deadlines.

3. Complete Accounting documents

We produce annual financial statements whilst informing you in a timely manner on the current status of your finances.

About us

Thomas Burkhalter - Value Creation

Thomas Burkhalter


A Swiss CPA with over 30 years experience in all aspects of financial management. Thomas spent majority of his professional career in Asia Pacific.

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Bespoke Services

We are happy to provide bespoke services that match your needs from a wide range of activities including but not limited to:

Financial accounting

Thanks to digitisation, you will always have an overview of your receipts. We regularly perform plausibility checks for all of your bookkeeping. Our team takes care of your accounting by  providing a front to back Read more…

Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting and human resource management have become increasingly complex for Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Tax authorities and their employees expect legally compliant payroll-accounting, correct salary statements, as well as timely payments of salary. Do Read more…

Statutory requirements

Taxes for Corporate entities: Tax advice on funding for start-ups; Tax planning; Tax optimization; Preparation of Tax declarations for corporate entities. Taxes for Natural persons: Preparation of tax declarations for private individuals; Liaising with Company Read more…

Calendar of activities

Monthly salary payments, rental payments and other recurring events; Monthly submission of MPF information; Annual tax submissions, audit reports, etc.

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