Financial accounting

Thanks to digitisation, you will always have an overview of your receipts. We regularly perform plausibility checks for all of your bookkeeping. Our team takes care of your accounting by  providing a front to back end service, including from start up, to specific consultations. At the end of the year we take control of everything for you including but not limited to the:

  • Drafting charts of accounts;
  • Interim financial statements;
  • Annual financial statements;
  • Tax optimisation;
  • Recommendations for action;
  • Optimisation of cash flow;
  • Effect payments through e-banking.

Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting and human resource management have become increasingly complex for Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Tax authorities and their employees expect legally compliant payroll-accounting, correct salary statements, as well as timely payments of salary. Do you have enough time to keep everything up to date? If not, we include:

  • Payroll bookkeeping;
  • Drafting of payroll accounting and wage statements;
  • Consulting on drafting of employment agreements;
  • Personnel administration services;
  • MPF services (enrollment, monthly submission, termination), and;
  • Individual income reporting with the tax authorities.

Statutory requirements

Taxes for Corporate entities:

  • Tax advice on funding for start-ups;
  • Tax planning;
  • Tax optimization;
  • Preparation of Tax declarations for corporate entities.

Taxes for Natural persons:

  • Preparation of tax declarations for private individuals;
  • Liaising with Company Secretaries, Auditors and relevant government agencies.